My First Post!


Well, I made the leap... or what I call the "Leap"! These last few years have been exhausting, overwhelming and trying - but I made it!

I am, what they call a "boy mom". I have been blessed with two beautiful boys who are now 12 and 9! I cant believe I have a 12 year old.... LIKE WHAT! I have two beautiful dogs as well! Duke is my 100lb labradoodle & Misha is my 3lb Yorkie... and yes, they love and adore each other! They both were brought into my life to assist with my mental health as that is a daily struggle. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD and Juvenile Diabetes! I have been married since I was 20 with my high school sweet heart... however we have had some very trying and hard moments that almost killed our relationship and marriage (more then I would like to admit to) - we both made many, many mistakes that we are trying to not only resolve but to forgive each other and ourselves for. Coming to terms, letting go, forgiving all mistakes, healing, growing as a soul... 

Life and relationships are a hard thing to navigate from time to time.

I was raised by my biological Uncle, Aunt and cousin who I call mom, dad and brother! I have 3 biological brothers as well (1 via Biological Mother / 2 via Biological Father) and there is a shit show of stories to go along with that

My story is a crazy one and I am ready to share and reflect!

Thank you for coming along for the crazy ass ride!